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Mission Statement


The mission of the

American Ki San Do Martial Arts Association  is explained in the following points:


1.    To teach high quality Martial Arts to the public in general.

2.    To use the Martial Arts we teach as a positive influence the lives of our students, the public and ourselves in general.

3.    To produce highly qualified and motivated teachers and to promote and spread the American Ki San Do Martial Arts as developed by its founder Grandmaster Herman F. Horn


Meaning of our Patch


 Our system has its base in Karate with Judo and Ju-Jitsu.

The Blue in the patch represents the sweat of hard work.

The Red in the patch represents the bloodline of our Martial Arts Family.

The Black Belt represents our journey in unity of mind, body, and spirit.

The Gold outline represents the preciousness of our inner self.

The White letters represent the strive for purity & perfection of character.



Grandmaster Horn &

Horn’s Martial Arts School

     Grandmaster Herman F. Horn was born on October 19, 1951 in Norwalk, Ohio to Robert and Ethel Horn. He grew up in Milan Ohio and graduated from Milan High School. Grandmaster Horn was drafted into the Army. This was where he received his first training in the arts. After receiving an honorable discharge from the service he spent 30 years working for a local telephone company. And retired from there in February 2001.

    Throughout Grandmaster Horn career has had the great fortune and honor to have trained with some the greatest of American Martial Artist's such as; Bob Wall, Chuck Norris, Eric Lee, Bill Wallace, Jim Harrison, O’ Sensei Phillip Porter, Grandmaster E. Deleon, Master Richard McCormack, Grandmaster Steve Armstrong, Grandmaster Ted Hines, and the late Master Curtis Herrington. Grandmaster Horn has the honor to be a direct student of: Robert Tinnel, the late Curtis Herrington, the late Master Robert Cooper, Master Ron Turner and Grandmaster E.A. Fuzy.

   Our school's early beginning. The school opened on January 20, 1990 in the garage at Sensei Horn’s house in Bay View Ohio. Sensei Horn started with only one student. Soon he outgrew the one and a half car garage and by September of 1990 moved to 128 E. Iroquois Tr. in Bay View to a two and a half car garage. This lasted till September of 1991 when the school moved to 403 E. Bayview Dr. An old abandon gas station. The first year there we stayed on one side of the station but we soon outgrew that and had to open up the other side. By 1993 we were full and was looking for more space. The Bar B G Brees at 1205 E. Bayview Dr in Bay View came up for sale and was purchased by Sensei Horn in December of 1993. The first class was held there in February of 1994 the school is still operating there today.

    To date, the school has produced 11 black belts. Our current location has 3500 feet of space. The school has a training hall, fitness center, and the main office of Grandmaster Horn. The main training floor has a 2300 square foot area with an area for visitors to watch from. There is a fitness center for the students and memberships for the family. There are also memberships for the fitness center only. The fitness center is 500 square feet with weight and aerobic machines and over 1200 lbs of free weights and dumbbells. This provides the student and family with a complete fitness program. 


1998 Grandmaster Horn was inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame. 
2002 & 2006 was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
2006 & 2008 was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
2009 Inducted World Karate Union Hall of Fame
2010 Inducted Martial Arts Health and Fitness Hall of Fame
2010 Inducted Action Magazine Hall of Honors Dedication to the Arts.
2002 Grandmaster Horn worked with Bob Wall and Chuck Norris training flight crews self defense for American Airlines with American In Defense. Grandmaster Horn was appointed director for the Chicago American Airlines Hub.

2002 Grandmaster Horn had started working with the Bayview Police departments K-9 unit. Grandmaster Horn was instructing the Officers in how to use their leashes as a defensive weapon, after they had released their dogs. Grandmaster Horn also assisted with the K-9 unit as the bad guy in one of the units training videos.

Winter of 2006 Master Horn resigned his longtime membership from the American Ji Do Kwan Karate Association and founded his own Martial Art system.
The Art of American Ki San Do was chartered on March 12, 2006. This new system has it’s foundation in karate with the uninity of judo and ju-jitsu to formulate; The Spirit of Three Wisdoms.....

American Ki San Do Martial Arts Association
 -National Headquarters-
1205 E. Bayview Dr.* Bayview, Ohio * US * 44870